Hi, I'm Ryan! 

I am a Texas based, self taught wood artist. Inspired by nature and the natural beauty of the materials,

I craft various locally sourced barn wood to create intricate and complex mosaics.

My work has incredible depth and texture and is complementary to any decor or space.

4 pic.jpg


I loving pushing my limitations and when I do, I try to come up with something that is unique and beautiful.


I use reclaimed materials,  breathing new life into the aged wood.  My goal is to give the recycled wood a second chance

turning into something absolutely stunning. There is so much beauty in aged wood. All the knots, textures and colors tell a story

of its previous life.

Every one of my pieces are completely different

and all handmade with love. 

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how to order

I mainly do custom orders and currently have a small body of work on my Etsy page. 


I absolutely LOVE creating one of a kind pieces and would love to make you a unique piece. 
For pricing and inquiries, you can email me at


I can create pretty much any size and design with  colors picked for you that will fit your space perfectly.